Innovating Healthcare & Inspiring Hope

Our goal is to ensure patients worldwide have effortless access to the latest in care and treatment. By recognizing the various requirements for sophisticated healthcare solutions, we equip healthcare professionals with state-of-the-art technologies that raise the bar for quality care around the globe.

Innovative Healthcare Leadership

Driven by a fervent dedication to leadership, innovation, and technology-enhanced healthcare results, our mission is to positively impact the lives of those we hold dear.

Our leadership team, founded on four essential pillars, boasts over six decades of combined expertise spanning Finance, Healthcare, Digital Innovation, and Commercial Strategy. We pledge to put patients at the heart of our endeavors, emphasizing our unwavering commitment to our employees, partners, and the healthcare industry as a whole.

Our Innovations

Our company provides an array of solutions in healthcare. We specialise in:

  • Velenda: Raw material procurement, Formulation, Compliance and Quality Testing

  • Tricorian Professional Services: Healthcare IT and diagnostics workflow consulting

  • Innovative Diagnostics: We distribute a diagnostic qPCR solution for the diagnosis of Endometriosis

Advanced qPCR Diagnostics: Setting a New Standard in Endometriosis Detection

Tricorian Life proudly distributes an innovative qPCR diagnostic test for endometriosis, a game-changer in the realm of medical diagnostics. This test establishes a new benchmark in precision and reliability, surpassing traditional diagnostic methods. Although it involves a minimally invasive endometrial biopsy, it is substantially less intrusive than conventional laparoscopy, striking a balance between patient comfort and diagnostic efficacy.

A new and simplified approach to diagnosing Endometriosis:

  • Sample Collection

  • Laboratory qPCR analysis

  • Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

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Tricorian Professional Services

Offering bespoke healthcare IT solutions, combining over a century of sector expertise with secure, innovative technology. Our specialties include custom software development, executive transformation support, and comprehensive EHR management, all aimed at enhancing efficiency and patient care in the evolving healthcare landscape.

  • Custom Healthcare IT Solutions

  • Strategic Transformation Support

  • Advanced Data Management

Introducing Velenda

Your Portal to Next-Generation Pharmaceutical Procurement. Our cutting-edge marketplace connects you with a global network of rigorously vetted suppliers, offering unparalleled access to a vast array of chemical compounds. With Velenda, you can effortlessly search and manage your chemical formulations, and seamlessly collaborate with team members across your organis-ation. Streamline your procurement process, ensure compliance, and foster innovation—all in one integrated platform.

  • Global Supplier Network

  • Comprehensive Formulation Management

  • Collaborative Integration