The Hidden Epidemic

Endometriosis: A Journey Towards Better Health

A brief overview of Endometriosis, its impact on women's lives, and the importance of accurate diagnosis.

A Significant Women's Health Concern

Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women globally, characterised by tissue similar to the uterus lining growing outside the uterus, leading to pain and sometimes infertility. Alarmingly, women wait an average of 7 to 10 years for a diagnosis, largely due to the commonality of symptoms with other conditions and widespread lack of awareness. This diagnostic delay not only increases suffering but also burdens healthcare systems with unnecessary visits and treatments.

The challenge of misdiagnosis is significant, often resulting in inappropriate treatments and diminished quality of life. Symptoms of endometriosis can closely resemble those of other pelvic disorders, complicating accurate identification without precise diagnostic tools. Recognizing this, Tricorian has secured exclusive rights to support and distribute the innovative Endometriosis qPCR diagnostic test across the Asia-Pacific region. This breakthrough offers a swift, accurate method to diagnose endometriosis, enhancing our ability to provide timely support to patients and their families.

For improved awareness and early detection, please familiarise yourself with the symptoms below, or consult your GP if you suspect you may be affected.

Pelvic pain

One of the most common symptoms, pelvic pain in Endometriosis can be severe and may worsen during menstruation. It's often described as cramping or throbbing pain and can significantly impact daily activities.

Menstrual Irregularities

Women with Endometriosis often experience heavy bleeding during periods (menorrhagia) or bleeding between periods (menometrorrhagia). These irregularities can be both physically and emotionally taxing.

Pain During Intercourse

Dyspareunia, or pain during or after sexual intercourse, is another symptom of Endometriosis. This can affect intimate relationships and contribute to emotional distress.


Endometriosis can lead to difficulties in conceiving. In fact, it's one of the leading causes of infertility in women, creating challenges for those who wish to start a family.

Pain with Bowel Movements or Urination

Some women with Endometriosis experience pain during bowel movements or urination, especially during menstrual periods. This can be due to the endometrial-like tissue growing near the bladder or bowel.

Fatigue, Diarrhea, Constipation, Bloating, and Nausea

These symptoms, especially when occurring during menstrual periods, can be associated with Endometriosis. They can affect a woman's overall sense of well-being and her ability to engage in daily activities.

Revolutionising Endometriosis Diagnosis for early intervention
Innovative Diagnostics: The qPCR Test for Endometriosis

As the exclusive distributor of the Endometriosis Diagnostic Test in the Asia-Pacific region, Tricorian Life is committed to revolutionizing patient care. Our focus is on delivering quick and dependable access to this groundbreaking diagnostic tool, heralding a new age of precision and empowerment in managing Endometriosis. This vital service is conducted by medical professionals, ensuring the highest standards of care.

For an overview of the straightforward and efficient process for sample collection and the detection of Endometriosis, please see the easy-to-follow steps listed below:

qPCR test for Endometriosis

Sample Collection

The procedure utilises the Pipelle for the endometrial biopsy, a process as minimally invasive as a routine Pap smear, to collect a 30mg tissue sample quickly and comfortably. This efficient method minimises discomfort, similar to the familiar Pap smear experience, while offering clinicians a high-quality sample for precise molecular analysis of endometriosis.

Transportation of Sample

Upon collection, each biopsy sample is immediately secured in a stabilisation solution. This critical procedure safeguards the RNA's integrity within the tissue, guaranteeing its stability during transport and ensuring diagnostic precision.

RNA Extraction

From the biopsy samples, RNA is extracted and subjected to quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (gPCR) to evaluate the FUT4 gene's expression levels. This analysis is pivotal in accurately confirming or ruling out the presence of endometriosis, guiding the next steps in patient care.

qPCR Analysis

Upon confirming a positive FUT4 gene expression, the recommendation is to proceed with ultrasonography to assess the severity of endometriosis. This critical step enables Clinicians to tailor personalised treatment options, ensuring each patient receives the most effective care plan based on their specific condition.

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